Announcing fFastMapper release 0.5.2

Announcing fFastMapper release 0.5.2.  Get fFastMapper from nuGet.

fFastMapper is a component (like AutoMapper) to automatically copy values between objects of different types.  The default mapping is based on a match of property name and property type.

I added support for deep mapping.  The auto-generated map will look up to 8 levels deep to match properties based on name.

This will automatically map a name like Person.Address.Street1 with PersonAddressStreet1.

I also added a portable library version that should support Windows 8 apps, Windows Phone 8, .NET 4.5, and Silverlight 4.0 and higher.

This version does not match class properties by default.  Version 0.5.0 copied the reference resulting in the same reference being in the source and the destination.  If you do choose to create a map between properties of the same class type, be aware that it will be the reference being copied, resulting in the same object reference in the source and the copy.

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