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by David Walker
  • Working Kinect sample code available
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Goodies
  • Why is fFastInjector so fast? Is it thread-safe and otherwise safe?
  • Trimming all strings submitted to ASP.NET
  • Tiny Template Engine Pattern That You Can Remember
  • The Free Way To Get Started In Programming
  • Team
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  • SubtractJS Update
  • String templating with Interpolation Format Provider
  • Specifying and using a WebResource to access embedded resources
  • Sony Hacking - Who Screwed Up
  • Simple Strongly-Typed pattern for ViewData, Session, Request, etc
  • Response to fFastInjector concerns
  • Orlando's Giant Melrose Technology Center is a Maker's Paradise
  • OrderByString enables string search parameters in LINQ OrderBy clauses
  • Notes on Time Zones
  • Nebraska Code Camp (2012)
  • Linking db2 to MS Sql Server
  • Kinect sample code from Code Camp
  • Kinect sample code available
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  • How fast is fFastInjector?
  • Get Rid of Bad Code once and for all with nDepend 5
  • Fun with Generic's Source Code
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  • fFastInjector 1.0.1 is here. Brace yourself!
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  • Code Camp Code for Fun with C# Generics
  • Buying and Updating My New Surface RT Tablet
  • Announcing SubtractJS
  • Announcing fFastMapper release 0.5
  • Announcing fFastMapper release 0.5.2
  • A FakeDbSet that implements IDbSet and uses IList for data manipulation
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