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OrderByString • Use strings in OrderBy / ThenBy statements with IQueryable providers. Source OrderByString OrderByString
EasyResource • Easily retrieve embedded resources Source EasyResource EastResource
Interpolation Format Provider • Fill template strings from dictionary or anonymous types Source InterpolationFormatProvider InterpolationFormatProvider
fFastInjector • High-speed, compact, and portable dependency injector Source fFastInjector fFastInjector
fFastMapper • High-speed mapping between types Source fFastMapper fFastMapper

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David Walker

David Walker is a Secure Software Consultant, a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), and a Certified Scrum Leader. He believes in secure and reliable software and productive happy teams. He lives in Orlando with his lovely wife Lynn and his 2 dogs.

  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)