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Art As an artist, I want to make and share artwork that touches your heart and soul. I aim to create pieces that make you feel something deep inside. Whether it's a painting, a song, or a story, I want my art to bring joy, inspire you, or make you think about important things. By sharing my art with you, I hope to create a strong connection and leave a lasting impression on your emotions and experiences.
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Science As a scientist (software developer), I seek to share information that will enable you to duplicate and build on my results.
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Love As a human, I seek to educate myself and others around various viewpoints and worldviews in an attempt to bridge the gaps in communication and understanding. Even though we each have different labels i.e white, black, tall, short, male, female, and so forth, we all share the same basic needs, desires, and abilities. Only by understanding each other's perspectives can we appreciate the value of each person.

It is my desire that you find the art here evokes positions reactions, that the science presented here allows you to duplicate some of my successes, and that we learn to love and appreciate each other as fellow human beings sharing this planet.


Software Projects

Fast fill arrays with values or patterns
Use strings in OrderBy / ThenBy statements with IQueryable providers.
Fill template strings from dictionary or anonymous types

David Walker

David Walker is a Software Consultant, Photographer, and Digital Artist based out of Orlando, Florida, USA.

He believes in secure reliable software and productive happy teams.

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